Hi, I am Mazze, in real life Matthias, but I was always called Mazze…

I pursued the typical “music career” trajectory: starting with the flute, skipping choir in school (lol), then progressing to piano and drum lessons at a music school for several years, and teaching myself guitar.

At the age of 14, I got a taste of performing with a band at school, and by 16, I had purchased my first synthesizer, a Korg Poly61. A few years later, I acquired a Fostex 8 Track tape recorder and a mixing desk, laying the groundwork for my passion for recording, producing, and composing.

Since 2003, I’ve been composing using a DAW (Cubase), which offers endless possibilities. Some might call me a “gear slut” because of my love for plugins and all sorts of studio equipment. However, I often get caught up in collecting and experimenting, sometimes losing sight of the main purpose: writing songs.

The internet has provided incredible opportunities to connect with other producers, songwriters, and artists, leading to numerous collaborations. I’m always open to new partnerships!

Secretly, there’s a little nasty metal heart beating inside me… but so far, I haven’t been able to craft a truly great metal song, despite being decent at solo guitar.

As a result, you’ll find primarily pop music, EDM, orchestral music, and even some Christmas songs (I absolutely love Christmas, lol) on my page.

Enjoy exploring my site and listening to my work.